Do you have a Facebook page?

We sure do. It's right here: Please like us!

Is Burning Cargo a game or e-learning?

Burning Cargo is a game. E-learning implies test result data transfer to compliant systems and that sounds way to boring.

How to play?

The object of Burning Cargo is to become a touch typing master while having fun. Accept and deliver orders to make money and gain access to new certifcates and bigger planes. For more information on the specifics of gameplay, click the question mark in the lower right portion of the game screen.

Is Burning Cargo available in my language?

Burning Cargo is currently only available in English and Danish. We may include new languages in the future.

Do I have to play to learn?

In Burning Cargo you do. If you don't appreciate gaming there are many other touch typing courses to choose from on the internets. This site is pretty decent and there's a nice list of free typing resources.

Do you support my special keyboard-layout?

At the moment only English and Danish keyboard layouts are supported.

What is Burning Cargo?

Burning Cargo is a way of learning touch typing (also called keyboarding, blind typing or ten-finger typing), but it's also a game. Often touch typing classes have small games to make the process of learning less infuriating, but in the case of Burning Cargo, the whole course is constructed as a game. You command different planes and carry cargos all over the world earning money and experience along the way. Will you be able to command the biggest plane?

What is touch typing?

Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboard. Touch typing makes your typing very fast and precise. Read more on Wikipedia.